February 22, 2020

Ok, I’ll admit. I hate shopping. It’s exhausting, it takes hours, and for some reason I always have to pee the minute I start getting undressed in the changing room. But I do love having a wardrobe full of options, and an outfit for every occasion. So, whether shopping is your idea of a perfect Sunday or actual hell on earth—here are some tips to shop effectively and to create your dream closet.

1. Fill in the gaps
Before you go shopping, take inventory of your closet. Do you have 25 oversized white tee shirts but only 2 options for a night out? (Guilty) Maybe you don’t have any neutral or white summer bags? Perhaps you don’t have any stylish sneakers? Take note of what you’re lacking, and make a list.

2. Don’t wait until the last minute
When I say fill the gaps in your wardrobe, I mean all the gaps. If you stumble across an amazing fancy dress, but have no events coming up—that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it! Or maybe you found the perfect fitting bikini in the dead of winter. This way you’re not running around scrambling last minute trying to shop the day before the event—because that’s when you can’t find anything.

3. Should you buy it?
Ask yourself a few things: Does this fit my body type properly? Do I feel confident in it? Can I imagine a few ways I’d style this? Or an event I’d wear it to? If the answers are yes—go for it! If you can’t decide, walk away and see if you still think about it the next day. And if so, go back for it.

4. Spend when it shows
A designer handbag , statement shoes, an amazing coat, designer logos, high quality leather. Spend on things that look expensive and will elevate your outfit.

Save on the basics. My 30$ Zara black trousers don’t look much different than my 1,000$ Celine ones. Same with things like simple black ankle boots. T-shirts. Summer dresses. Etc.

5. Shop alone
Shopping should be a solo mission. Other people can make you feel rushed, or pressure you to buy things. Go in on it alone, and then you can text your friends once you’ve narrowed it down if you reallllllyyy need an opinion.

My favorite places to shop online:

Pretty Little ThingPrincess PolyAritziaZara 

SSENSELuisaviaromaLN-CC, FarfetchTotokaelo


  • Reply Gata Collins February 25, 2020 at 1:49 AM

    Great tips, especially tip 3! It can help us avoid buying things that don’t suit our bodies!

  • Reply Elizabeth Walker February 25, 2020 at 1:44 AM

    What do you think about making a post about things that you stop buying to build a better wardrobe?

  • Reply Fay February 23, 2020 at 11:24 AM

    WOW, great tips and guilty of buying the same item over and over and looking last minute 👏

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