July 10, 2019

I’ve always been a bit of a health nut. I grew up in a super healthy household, and nutrition has always been a strange but strong hobby of mine. Through many years of trial, tribulation, and an endless pursuit of knowledge, I’ve stumbled upon a lifestyle that really works for me. Spoiler: it has a lot of it has to do with digestion.



Intermittent fasting is a great tool if you’re in one of those foggy, lazy, lethargic funks. Giving your digestive system a break not only helps you shed (and keep off) a few extra lbs, it also helps with mental clarity, energy, and induces your cellular repair process. There’s a lot of different ways to fast, and different lengths you can fast for. But here’s what works for me:

The 16:8 Ratio
This is my favorite fast to do once or twice a week. (If you can do this Monday-Friday, even better!) The gist: eat for 8 hours, fast for 16. I like to do a 10am-6pm window. For digestion and weight purposes I like to cut dinner off early instead of skipping breakfast (as opposed to a 1pm-9pm schedule). The old saying goes: eat lunch like a king and dinner like a peasant. Your digestive system is at it’s highest peak around midday, so it’s ideal to eat your largest, most difficult to digest meal then. And keep dinner light.

The 12:12 Ratio
If the 16 hour fast is unrealistic or too difficult, try to stick to giving yourself 12 hours between dinner and breakfast to give your body time to naturally fast and self-cleanse.

4 Hours Between Meals
You may have heard that it’s good for your metabolism to eat small meals more often, but recent studies (and ancient texts) say otherwise. I recently began studying Ayurveda, which states that it takes the body about 4-6 hours to digest a meal. So try to avoid snacking when possible and give your body 4 hours between each meal. This will help your overall clarity and mood, and it also initiates your body’s natural detoxification process.


My secret weapon for bloating!!! I used to get bloated after EVERY meal. Like I’d go from a six pack to six months pregnant in an instant. Food combining has changed my life. The basic concept is that some foods pair well together, while others do not. I couldn’t tell you the exact science of what happens in your digestive system when you improperly pair foods. But I CAN tell you that when I combine my meals properly, I feel lighter and I am not bloated almost instantly.

Some basic food combining rules:
-fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach & first thing in the morning
(it takes 20 minutes to digest, so you can eat a second breakfast after your fruit)

-proteins and starches do not mix well

-when building a meal fill your plate with veggies, add a fat (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, etc), and include either animal protein OR starch. Pick a side!

If you want to look more into it, I suggest you do some googling. There’s a lot of great articles and charts online that can help you. @kenzieburke on Instagram is also my food combining guru.


I’ve gone through so many diet phases: vegan, paleo, keto, carb cycling, macro counting. You name is. But what I’ve come to, and what works best for me is this:

I eat organic plant based foods the majority of the time. And then when I’m out with friends or at a great restaurant, I eat…whatever the fuck I want. As long as it’s WORTH IT.

When you’re eating 80% plant based, your body will also metabolize “bad foods” easier. So since I’m pretty good on the weekdays, a couple slices of pizza and some chocolate cake on a Saturday really doesn’t affect me. I pick my battles. And when it’s worth it, I indulge. But if it’s a Tuesday and you need to grab lunch–opt for a salad or a veggie soup over a sandwich and chips. It’s that easy.


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    Such a wonderful post. I can learn so many things form this!

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    Thanks to this article, I can know more about healthy eating styles.

  • Reply Gata Collins April 13, 2020 at 12:37 AM

    Eating styles and diet are diversified!

  • Reply Elizabeth Walker April 13, 2020 at 12:35 AM

    I’m applying intermittent fasting along with keto diet and it really works for me. I can relate to this article!

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    Very cool look!


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    Such a great post! I need to be healthier! You inspire me!

    xoxo, Vanessa

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    Great post, Thanks for the pictures

    xx LL

  • Reply Natalia July 31, 2019 at 10:23 PM

    I love this post! I feel so identified: I gained weight back in December, and not because of the Holidays, my dad was in the hospital and I used to eat a bag of chips and call it a day. I guess that messed with my metabolism. I’ve seen nutritionists (and didn’t lose a gram), tried some mild keto diet, gone vegan for a week… with no changes. I have been researching on intermittent fasting for a while and I think you just convinced me. Also, the food combining sounds way more logical than eliminating food groups or calories. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I’ll let you know how my fasting goes :)


    • Reply lily amber August 3, 2019 at 5:17 PM

      amazing! I know the feeling girl. When I’m under stress I literally live off of chips and snacks for my main meals. Definitely try food combining–and intermittent fasting is amazing! Just try to aim cutting night eating instead of morning eating :)) <3

  • Reply Esther July 20, 2019 at 9:43 PM

    Such a great post! I’m really starting to think about what and how I eat lately so this was really insightful. I’ve tried intermittent fasting before but I was doing it every day so it wasn’t really sustainable. I might try it a couple of times a week like you’ve suggested instead. And I’ve just followed Kenzie on Instagram in the hopes that she’ll inspire me to eat better!
    Esther X

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    Very good post :)

  • Reply Allie Mackin July 12, 2019 at 12:07 PM

    Yes food combinations can make a difference. My mom and grandmother were very in to Edgar Cayce and he wrote in the 1930s WAY before modern medicine made these claims to eat less animal fat and more vegetables and to stay away from sugar and that some foods create an acid environment which viruses and diseases thrive in and good foods create an alkoline environment. He also said to never combine citrus and grains or put milk in coffee…

    And love that Fendi top!!

    Allie of

    • Reply lily amber August 3, 2019 at 5:14 PM

      Ooh I need to check out Edgar Cayce! Yeah it’s wild how a lot of modern science is just reiterating super old beliefs on nutrition. thanks for reading bb <3

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    Learned a lot from this, I’m going to refer back for reference. Thank you for sharing


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    Great read and helpful, didn’t know
    much about Food Combining, have
    to practice it :)

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