November 28, 2018

One question I get asked all the time is: how do you make money on Instagram? So…I’m here to spill the secrets of what happens behind the gram.

As a blogger, there’s two main sources income: 1) affiliate links (aka commission off of sales) 2) brand partnerships. I personally don’t do many affiliate links, so my main source of income is working with brands.


1) The intro email
Every brand partnership starts with an email. Whether it’s from the PR representative or someone from the brand itself. There’s always an introduction email that goes like this: “Hey, we’re doing this campaign. Would love to have you involved. See the scope of work below. Etc“

The brands either have a set budget, or I send them my rate card.

*At the moment all my work comes from incoming emails. Outreach is a bit less common, but definitely a great way to build a relationship with a brand to one day work on a paid collaboration!

2) Scope out the product
If the scope of work looks good, and I believe in the brand, then I check out the product. If it’s clothing I make sure it matches my aesthetic. And if it’s skincare, food, or anything like that, I ask to test the product first to make sure it works, and is something I would recommend.

3) The Contract
After I’ve picked out the products, we hash out the details and put it in a contract. Most of the time the brand has their own contract, but I also have a template as well. This includes posting dates, exclusivities, hashtags, payment, owner rights, usage, etc etc etc.

4) Pre-Approval Deadline
A lot of brands these days are requiring post-approval deadlines. Where I create the content and send a caption to them to approve.

Truthfully, I am not a fan of approvals. The date always sneaks up on me, and the captions always somehow feel a bit more forced and not in the moment. So these posts usually end up feeling rush and a bit less organic. But that’s probably my fault—something to work on ☺

5) Yay or Nay from the Brand
Sometimes they ask you to reshoot due to minor details. And sometimes they make you tweak the caption. And sometimes everything gets approved. Once everything is good to go, we agree on a posting date if there already wasn’t one in the contract.

6) Publish!
Post that bad boy.

7 ) Send Insights Report & Invoicing
A few days after posting the campaign, I round up the statistics for the post. The number of impressions, reach, saves, likes, comments, etc. I send this report to the brand as well as an invoice & W9.

8) Patiently Wait for Payment
Everyone’s favorite part ☺ Most companies work on net 30 or net 60 days, but it’s not rare that I’m chasing invoices that are well past due. I also keep an excel spreadsheet of due dates to keep everything on track.

So yep, that’s everything that goes behind the IG post! Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.

photos by Sophie Sahara

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    Love this look. Perfect styling as always

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    Thank’s for the look behind the scene. I totally love your style!

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    Your look with that hoodie is beautiful!
    Love the BTS, I think I’m missing my template for the brands, thanks for sharing ♥

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    Great overview of the process, girl! And I’m very much obsessed with this outfit on you, haha!

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    Such a good walk through girl! It’s crazy that this is actually super unknown for most people. Thanks for exposing and sharing!

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    Happy Tuesday pretty❤

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    Looove this look! Perfect boyish vibe :)

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    Cheers to many many successful partnerships dear! :) xx


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