December 21, 2016


Having come to New York in 2011, I consider myself a bit of a local. And one thing that I’ve come to notice after being here for six years is the striking difference between where the locals go vs. where the tourists go. And while everyone needs to “see the sights”, so many visitors miss the true heart of this city. So if you’re coming to NYC, stay at 11 Howard to live like a local. And a cool one at that.

A new hotel in NYC’s fashionable SoHo neighborhood, the 11 Howard is where chic minimalism meets conscious hospitality. Whether I’m working in the library by day or dancing at the blond by night, the 11 Howard is the under-the-radar hotspot that draws an ever so stylish crowd.

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The Library

With a very minimalist lobby, The Library resides on the second floor of the hotel. Not only is it a great place to grab a coffee before exploring the city, but it’s SoHo’s living room for freelancers and entrepreneurs. You can usually find me there with a latte and a laptop working on a blog post.

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the blond

New Yorkers are guilty of always flocking to the next best thing, and the nightclub within the hotel is no exception. From celebrity sightings to “it” kids gathered in velvet booths, the blond is the hottest place to be in NYC at night. Period. And if you’re not one to dance the night away, head to the blond for candlelit afternoon cocktails.


Le Coucou

Tucked around the corner of the hotel is Le Coucou—aka: the restaurant everyone’s trying to get a table at. With internationally acclaimed Parisian chef Daniel Rose, Le Coucou masters fine dining without the ostentatious stuffy white-tablecloth ambience. You typically need to book a table a month or so in advance, but if you’re lucky you can walk in at 10pm and get a table. But you didn’t hear that from me.



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    Perfect look.

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  • Reply Allie Mackin December 27, 2016 at 7:37 PM

    Oh yes I would recommend anyone visiting NY to stay in Soho if they can swing it. I use to work in Soho and hands down it was my favorite neighborhood to work it by far. And thanks for the heads up on this spot I will have to check it out for sure!! And cool blog too girl!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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    Love these photos, am dying to go back to New York again soon.

    Happy holidays babe!

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    What a gorgeous photo diary!

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    Looks like a great hotel. I would love to visit NYC someday.

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    So gonna keep this one saved for my next trip to NYC!
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    I definitely want to visit 11 Howard now. Great post :-)

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    Def need to stay here the next time I’m in NYC!

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      Ah la la, tu m’a donné envie avec ton baume à l’amande ! Je viens de terminer la crime riche nourrissante à l’amande de Roger et gallet et c’était juste une tuerie au niveau de l’odeur ! Du coup cette alternative me tente , en plus moins cher! Je trouve cette marque abordable , je vais m’y intéresser de plus près, merci pour cette revue qui réchauffe :)

    • Reply September 6, 2017 at 12:49 AM

      You have a good point, Enzo. But I don’t think he’s going to compete. This is just for him to do and I think he’s done with competing. If he does then that would be exciting, believe me. Good idea man.

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    Wow, what a location! Nice article & pictures <3

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    Love your suggestions, I need to write them down for when I go to NYC ♥♥♥

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    You look so gorgeous babe….and this place is so amazingly cool….love all the photos….xx, Neha

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    Looks like a fabulous place to stay in NYC! Thanks Lily for the share~ I really love the minimalistic ambience, and I would love to grab an afternoon cocktail at the chill bar, seems like a great way to sit and catch up with a friend before going into the midst of soho for a night out! xo~ Lena

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    What an amazing post! I would love to visit NYC someday x

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